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VOLITANT means to hover or fly – in our perspective, an intimidating hovering foreign light object which induces a mysterious atmosphere.


The installation deals with light and darkness, in a 360 degrees experience where nature compliments art and technology. These relationships and the contrasts in-between are behaving subjectively according to the constellation. The area of display is usually filled with darkness, which is constructed by the shadows of the trees, and Volitant obstructs this type of natural dark settings. 

Approaching from afar, Volitant appears to be a distant hidden cluster of various floating light textures, inviting one closer with its multitude of speeds and patterns. The installation is seemingly hovering within a circle of eight trees which extend to be an essential part of the artwork, further diffusing the vivid light source and creating ever-changing impressions. When approaching the naturally fenced play of light, one can distinguish a glitchy soundscape, trembling and breathing in sync with the flashy visuals. The outline of the sculptural siren gets clearer, fully revealing itself when finally stepping underneath. Looking up, one can experience the powerful, extraterrestrial presence of the light installation Volitant – a beaming circular halo with a clean vertical array of spiked rods gathered within, all synchronized to its high contrast visual and audible movements. This experience remains exclusive solely to a small group of people standing in the very centre of the light sculpture. Depending on the viewers’ relative location to the installation, one can experience an unpredictable light chaos ultimately attaining its pure geometric form. Volitant had a part of Reflektor Light Festival 2017.

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