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SHIRO is an interactive light installation that consists of 48 two and half meter tall light-immersed cylinders, which are placed in a large circle, forming a fairy ring in the midst of the woods

According to old tales and myths, a fairy ring appears where fairies, witches and other supernatural creatures dances around in the forest. Today we know that fairy rings appear when mycelium grows in a specific pattern that makes fungi grow in a circle on the surface. Mycelium can be understood as the roots of the fungi, a subterranean network consisting of a threadlike structure called hyphae.


The masses of these hyphae-threads in a fairy ring are sometimes referred to as shiro, which in Japanese can be translated to castle or domain. In their interpretation of the light in SHIRO, we have found inspiration in mycelium, and invites the audience to become a part of this natural network, by having an influence on SHIROs visual identity, when they move in and out of the ring.

According to old folklore a fairy ring functions as a portal between our world and the fairy realm, and humans who enter a fairy ring will experience that time moves slower inside the fairy ring. Likewise, SHIRO appears as a two-dimensional art piece, with an inner and outer identity, where the audience will experience that SHIRO changes its expression and tempo depending on whether they observe it from the outside or enter the centre of the circle. 

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