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2022 - continuous

"Gennem virkningsfuld brug af lys og mørke skabes betagende
scenebilleder, som ledsages af velkomponeret lyddesign og
brudstykker af teksten fra Helle Helles bog “De” leveret af
skuespiller Rosalinde Mynster." 


“At the intersection, they get a new sofa. It’s for sale used, but it’s not used. It is in red velour with fringes. They put it in front of the window, a rat gets lost under the fringes. It comes from the hotel, her mother chases it out. But from now on they will sleep with shovels.” 

From the novel ‘they’, 2018 by author Helle Helle, Rosinante 2018.  

‘At the intersection’ is based on excerpts from the award-winning Danish author Helle Helle’s critically acclaimed novel ‘they’. A woman looks back on her life as a teenager. In flashbacks and fragments of everyday episodes, her mother’s terminal illness and her own young teenage life unfold.   

The performance is a monologue with a female actress in a very simple scenography, consisting of 50 LED light bars, 3 m high, created by the audiovisual artist collective VERTIGO. It is a sensuous performance created as a memory machine, evoking her memories with images of light, video, music, and sound.  

The individual scenes in the performance take place in the protagonist’s consciousness. The memory of her and her mother’s life dominates everything, and we never see where the main character is now some years after where the mother died.   

‘At the intersection, they get a new sofa’ is created in co-production with Aalborg Theater in collaboration with Aveny-T.  

Helle Helle’s novel ‘they’ is published by Rosinante, produced in collaboration with Gyldendal Group Agency. 

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