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2010 - continuous

Full scenography of various mediums for the Gloria stage at Roskilde Festival, every year since 2010. The mediums include suspended LED and gaze triangles, two PVC backdrops and projectors, creating spatial depth and bridging the stage with the audience area. The FOH consists of a complex custom made set-up with a combination of openFrameworks apps and classic VJ software, composed in MadMapper and/or Millumin. 

Gloria stage is the smallest, yet most versatile venues at the festival with a capacity of 1200 people. Over the years, Gloria's busy line-up has included various upcoming acts of many genres. The stage allows an annual playground for Vertigo and its associates, pushing the boundaries of scenography design, projection mapping and live graphics. Roskilde Festival was established in 1971 and is one of the largest music festivals in Europe and the largest in Northern Europe, holding 130 000 visitors over eight festival days. 

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