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2019 - continuous

Echelon – a formation in which its units are arranged in parallel rows, diagonally, with the end of each row projecting further than the one in front.

ECHELON is an interactive audiovisual installation that allows the audience to be immersed in an urban forest ambiance. The installation consists of 36 LED-bars, placed in a 12-meter equilateral triangle that will be lighting up the Centre Point square. The custom-made 2.5-meter-high bars are built to illuminate its surroundings in 360 degrees. As the light fixtures are pixel mapped into four individually controlled planes, the installation challenges the human body and its ability to perceive visual dimensions. With the experience of the work being fourfold, Echelon is able to make four immersive visual spaces at the same time. For getting a full overview, the audience is encouraged to move around and inside the piece. Echelon rises from its dormant state whenever movement is detected, getting brighter and more active with the flow of people. The awakening is triggered by three radars, symmetrically placed around the light installation.

The artwork premiered in the city centre of Copenhagen in October 2019, next to a historical landmark The Round Tower (Rundetårn). A test version was created, using 10 LED-poles and set up in September 2019.

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