VERTIGO is an audiovisual artist collective, creating interactive experiences,

large scale light installations and atmospheric scenography since 2001

Copenhagen | Denmark

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Echelon– a formation in which its units are arranged in parallel rows, diagonally, with the end of each row projecting further than the one in front.


ECHELON is an immersive audiovisual installation including 45 custom made LED poles formed into a triangular shape. The installation consist of 48 LED-bars, placed in a 12-meter equilateral triangle. The bars are 2.5-meter-high and able to light 360 degrees around itself in four planes. The spacing between each bar allows the audience to enter Echelon and experience the work from the inside.

The installation challenges the human body and its ability to perceive visual dimensions. As the experience of the work is fourfold, with 4 planes controlled individually, Echelon is able to make four immersive visual spaces at the same time. For getting a full overview, the audience is encouraged to move around and inside the piece.

The artwork will premiere mid-October in the city centre of Copenhagen, next to a historical landmark The Round Tower (Rundetårn). A test version was created, using 10 LED-poles and set up in mid September 2019 - Echelon10.