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In May 2021, Amager Bio received new lightpiece BEAT, which neatly connects the foyer's two rooms and embraces the venue's musical historical atmosphere.


BEAT is designed by Vertigo in close dialogue with the head of Amager Bio, Eva Rehling, with the desire to create light that unites the foyer's two areas and works as a guidance to visitors in and out through the building.

Based on this, as well as with inspiration in Amager Bio's history as a diverse venue, Vertigo has created a 43.6 m long luminous sound wave, which winds from the entrance to the concert hall.


The wave consists of two layers of 10-15 mm. satin plexiglass, which diffuses light from 8448 LED pixels placed along the wave. The light can be switched between 12 expressions, which makes it possible to embrace the broad music program at Amager Bio. 

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